Eric Tobias
July 14, 2021
Encryption News

U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) awards Ubiq Security a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract to deliver next-generation encryption capabilities

Engagement will utilize the company’s API-based platform to advance the military’s encryption capabilities.

San Diego, California — 14 July, 2021 – Ubiq Security, an API-first and Forbes Top 20 security startup, today announced that it was awarded a SBIR contract with the U.S. Army DEVCOM. Ubiq’s platform will be utilized to help deliver highly efficient, more scalable, and innovative encryption capabilities.

Ubiq’s API-based encryption platform uses a cloud-based model to deliver encryption and centralized key management capabilities, addressing challenges the Department of Defense commands are currently facing. Ubiq’s platform provides fast, frictionless, and scalable encryption capabilities across most application and device types, eliminating complex, and disparate approaches available today.

“Expanding our existing footprint with the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security is an incredible opportunity to leverage our platform to help the U.S. Army adopt a more modern, rapid, and extensible approach to safeguarding sensitive information,” said Wias Issa, CEO of Ubiq Security.

Ubiq has existing customers within the Department of Defense, Air Force, and Department of Homeland Security, several of which have utilized the Ubiq’s platform to improve and scale data and communications encryption capabilities.

“Organizations are looking to leverage API-based solutions to quickly integrate critical capabilities into their product, applications, and infrastructure, saving them time, effort, and capital to build custom, costly, and error-prone solutions. This is especially true with encryption and key management. These are complex domain areas that are very difficult to get right, yet very easy to get wrong, with potentially catastrophic consequences. APIs are the consumption model of choice for the world’s leading and most forward-thinking organizations and I’m excited that the U.S. Army is embracing the approach,” said Issa.

The San Diego-based, technology start-up has built an API-first developer platform that eliminates the traditional complexities of encryption and key management, allowing developers and information security teams, even those without encryption or cryptography expertise, to integrate data encryption directly into applications in minutes, with nothing more than a few lines of code and two API calls. Teams can encrypt data effortlessly across diverse applications and programming languages, cloud environments, and storage types.

Behind the platform’s APIs is a SaaS-based software layer that eliminates the guesswork, jargon, and complexity of cryptography and encryption, through a simple dashboard, so developers can be up and running in just minutes. The dashboard allows developers or members of their security teams to select from proven, best-practice encryption models and policies for all their applications in a central location, provides key management and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant key storage, and a complete log of key access and activity. For more information, visit

About Ubiq Security

Ubiq is a technology company that has simplified the complex and messy world of encryption through a set of APIs, that are simple enough for any developer to use, yet scalable and extensible enough to encrypt data effortlessly across diverse applications and programming languages, cloud environments, and storage types. By enabling developers to quickly integrate encryption into their applications, Ubiq is empowering innovators around the world to efficiently build more secure products and experiences. For more information, visit

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