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Frequently asked questions

1. What is a unique Dataset? Encryption

A unique data element you’d like to encrypt, such as a database row or column, or unstructured files stored in a file repository (e.g., AWS S3).

2. What constitutes structured data? Encryption

Generally data that is stored in a database or data warehouse, where the underlying structure has specific limitations (e.g., character type or field length).

3. What constitutes unstructured data? Encryption

Generally data that would live in a storage repository (e.g., AWS S3, Azure Blob, DropBox, file share, etc.)

4. What is format-preserving encryption? Encryption
5. Does and can Ubiq access data that is encrypted with its service? Encryption

No. Never. Your application data is encrypted and decrypted within your application environment – your data is never sent to Ubiq.

6. Do you offer volume-based pricing? Pricing

Yes, for the Enterprise tier. Please get in touch for more info at

7. What is an encryption or decryption operation? Pricing

An encryption (or decryption) event is any time a data element is encrypted (or decrypted). E.g., a single field in a database column, or an entire database row, or a file in a storage repository.

8. Do you charge for both encryption and decryption operations? Pricing

Yes. E.g., if you perform 5,000 encrypts and 5,000 decrypts in any given month, your total event count is 10,000.

9. What software programming languages do you support? Encryption

For an up-to-date list, please visit:

10. Do you provide any integration services? Support

Add-on integration services are available for Enterprise customers. Please get in touch for more info at

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