Who partners with Ubiq?

Platform companies, developers, systems integrators, resellers, and consulting partners.
Development Partners

Add encryption to your toolbox

Partnering with Ubiq is the fastest way to let businesses or individuals who leverage your application development services to integrate encryption directly into their application, leading to a more secure product and long-term costs savings. Whether you build software for enterprises or small businesses, partnering with Ubiq helps you create build more secure applications.

Ubiq's platform gives development partners the tools to easily integrate encryption as code.
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"Ubiq delivers a dynamic combination of simplicity, speed, and security to our government customers. By leveraging DLT's partner relationships and contract portfolio, public sector agencies can now access Ubiq solutions to enhance the security of their data."
Chris Wilkinson
Vice President, Sales

Additional partner types

Technology Alliances

Technology partners that have complementary products and go-to-market strategies.

Consulting Partners

Strategic consulting partners that help organizations solve security and compliance challenges and drive business transformation efforts.

Systems Integrators

Integrators offering software development, cloud, and hosted solutions for Enterprise customers.

Value-added Resellers

Resellers that deliver value-add solutions in the application development space.
  • "Ubiq's elegant and transparent integrations enable an entirely painless encryption experience and remove all of headaches and complexities of key management. We’re very excited to join the Ubiq Partner Program to enable companies of all sizes to keep their data secure."
    Bjorn Zinssmeister
    Chief Executive Officer
  • "Hitachi Systems will use Ubiq’s technology to develop new products, services and solutions for our customers in the areas of 5G / IoT. We see immense opportunities presented by 5G and the emergence of Smart Cities."
    Hiroki Tanabe
    Chief of Network Integration
  • "Ubiq’s platform strengthens our cybersecurity portfolio and provides our channel partners and their U.S. public sector customers with a centralized key management and storage solution with the ability to have a standard data encryption practice."
    Rick Stewart
    Chief Software Technologist

Ubiq ♥ Partners

Join the Ubiq Partner Community and bring more security (and trust) to your customers. 

Grow your business by being part of the global API-driven economy, by leveraging Ubiq to build encryption directly into applications as a standard, enabling companies of any size and shape to be in control of their data security and privacy.

Encryption can be incredibly hard to get right, even for the most seasoned security practitioners. We can help you enable your customers to drive strategic change andempowering them to accelerate their adoption of secure-by-design, security-as-code, and DevSecOps principles. 

Partnering with Ubiq is not your standard out-of-the-box program. It's a collaborative engagement that works to ensure that we deliver real value and an outstanding experience to customers. 

We’re always looking to collaborate with innovative platform companies, strategic systems integrators, and leading consulting organizations. We’d love to hear from you!

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We can help your customers achieve higher levels of security and compliance.
Develop applications with encryption built in
Accelerate your customers' transition to secure development and design principles
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