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    • Includes 100 FREE encrypt API calls per month
    • Unlimited decrypt API calls per month
    • Unlimited applications


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Pricing designed to scale with your business and needs.

Integrate data encryption directly into your application in minutes, the right way, with the Ubiq Platform. Leverage our scalable API’s to enable industry-vetted encryption and key management, without having to hire a team of experts.

01. seamless_encryption copy
Seamless encryption across all your apps and environments.
  • Cross-app/language interoperability
  • Libraries for major languages
  • Supports all storage types
  • Cross-cloud interoperability
02. save_time copy
Save time and money, and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Future-proof encryption strategies
  • Eliminate costly encryption tools
  • Industry-vetted encryption libraries
  • Or bring your own encryption libraries
03. key_management copy
Automated key management and key storage.
  • Automated key rotation
  • Quickly replace encryption algorithms
  • Rapid data re-encryption/re-keying
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM key storage
04. single_dashboard copy
A single dashboard to manage encryption across all your apps.
  • Centralize encryption management
  • Tailor encryption strategies per app
  • Monitor access and activity
  • Roles and permissions
05. developer_platform copy
Robust developer platform and experience.
  • Detailed documentation
  • Sample code and apps
  • Interactive Javascript playground
  • Elegant developer dashboard
06. risk_breach copy
Enable rapid compliance and reduce risk of data breaches.
  • Application-layer encryption
  • Encrypt data by default
  • Audit and access logs
  • Achieve compliance quickly