Security should start with data.

After all, isn’t that what the bad guys are after?

Join the world’s most secure organizations on the only data-first ​security platform designed to be invisible.

Introducing the Ubiq platform.

Security that moves at the speed of your business.

Emancipate your data.

Harness the power of your data - securely - without compromising speed or efficiency. Secure your data transparently at the source.

Pivot to a data-first security strategy.

The attackers start there, so should you. Pivot to a security strategy that starts with data and the platform that renders it useless to data thieves.

Secure your data everywhere.

Protect all of your diverse data across any storage platform and application, with a single, lightweight software platform.

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Data-First Security is Customer Experience.

Accessing data without compromising performance means ensuring a seamless experience for your customers and users. Data-first security should be embedded in the very fabric of your technology infrastructure  – so users get the experience they expect; without being bogged down by security.


Data-First Security is Empowering.

Using your data freely means being able to leverage it in compliant and secure ways. With data-first security, you empower your business to transform its data into actionable insights, innovation, and use it to make better informed decisions – ultimately delivering sustainable strategic advantage and growth.


Data-First Security is Ubiquitous.

Data exists in many forms and locations, and should be secured everywhere. Instead of protecting individual systems that store it, data-first security protects data throughout its lifecycle and renders it completely useless to hackers or data thieves.


Data-First Security is Ultra-Low Latency.

Data has to be accessible to those that need it – on-demand. Modern businesses move at a blistering pace, and our ultra-low latency data-first security platform offers both speed and security – without impacting performance.

“Ubiq is a proven partner; delivering strong data protection at the fast speeds that our public safety, law enforcement and military teams require.”
Jeffrey Schweitzer, Asymmetrical Solutions Architect, Verizon.

Data is your organization’s most valuable asset.

You shouldn't have to limit the potential of your data because of security. The problem is, the majority of enterprise data security solutions are complex and aren’t ready for a hyper-connected world– they get in the way of customer experience, they slow down performance, they hamstring your ability to innovate. Ubiq’s data-first security platform enables you to liberate your data to deliver on your mission and the strategic growth your organization expects.

Start by building a security strategy that starts with your data.

At Ubiq, we believe security should start with the data and we’re dedicated to enabling data security at the speed, scale, and efficiency  your organization needs to win. A data-first security strategy allows you to rapidly adopt new and emerging technologies with the peace of mind that your organization’s most valuable asset is safe.

Learn how Ubiq can enable a transparent data-first security strategy for your organization.