Transparently safeguard your organization’s data...

...without impacting system performance or customer experience.
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Transparent Data Security

The Case for Protection From Data Inception

Learn why our entirely transparent approach to data security enables you to better protect your most important asset: data.

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People turn to TFM for lots of reasons.

Here are four of the most common:

“When breaches happen, we want the bad guys to end up with useless, unusable data.”


“We have diverse types of data and storage - on-premise and cloud - across our organization.”


“We can’t afford to disrupt user workflow, experience, or efficiency.”


“We have to adhere to strict compliance requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI.”

We help you to adopt a data-first security strategy across your enterprise.

laptops and workstations
databases (unstructured)

Global Fortune 100 Energy company selects Ubiq to secure sensitive electrical power operations data.

“In our industry, the tolerance for failure is near nil, due to the potential high impact involved. Being able to mitigate a persistent risk area through technology was a big achievement for us.”
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Industry: Energy
Locations: Global
Products: Nuclear Power Plants
Products Wind Turbines
Products Power Generation Systems
Products Transmission & Distribution
Products Systems
Solution: Trusted File Manager

The products you no longer need...

...we know you were wondering.
Laptops & Workstations Servers Unstructured DB Cloud
  Laptops & Workstations Servers Unstructured DB Cloud
File Encryption Not Needed Not Needed n/a Not Needed
Database Encryption n/a n/a Not Needed Not Needed
Cloud Encryption n/a n/a n/a Not Needed
Disk Encryption Not Needed Not Needed Not Needed Not Needed

The result: Data secure. Risk Minimized. One less thing to worry about.

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