Defend your data from ransomware theft.

Ubiq helps customers mitigate the risk that sensitive unencrypted data is stolen during ransomware attacks – by enabling data to be encrypted inside the application, before it’s sent to the network or storage.

How Ubiq can help

Avoid a multifaceted extortion event

Stop your data from being published online or being sold to the highest bidder by beating them to the punch and encrypting it directly inside your application, before it ever reaches storage.

Reduce the risk of data theft

Reduce the risk of data theft by integrating encryption directly into your applications and eliminating your reliance on at-rest storage and ‘built in’ infrastructure encryption solutions that are designed with an inherently flawed implicit central trust model and easily disabled by modern attackers.

Save time and money

Create and apply a uniform encryption strategy across your application infrastructure whether on-premise or multi-cloud deployments. And avoid unnecessary overhead, time, and cost of deploying and managing multiple, ineffective at-rest and infrastructure encryption solutions or worse, rolling your own crypto.

How we helped a government agency reduce the risk of ransomware


Given the global increase in multifaceted ransomware attacks, the agency was looking for an encryption capability to secure sensitive and confidential application data that isn’t easily disabled by attackers with compromised admin credentials.


The agency worked with Ubiq to integrate encryption directly into their web applications, ensuring that even if OS, cloud, or storage admin credentials were compromised by attackers, their data remain encrypted.

Use Case

  • Ransomware
  • Application-layer Encryption

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