We've made end-to-end encryption mind blowingly simple. 

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Transparent Data Security

The Case for Protection From Data Inception

Learn why our entirely transparent approach to data security enables you to better protect your most important asset: data.


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People turn to our toolkit for lots of reasons.

Here are the top four we hear most:


 “Our developers should be focused on developing our products. Not figuring out encryption."


“We can’t afford to make mistakes when selecting the right encryption approach.”


“Encryption at the application layer mitigates the risk of data theft more effectively than infrastructure controls.”


“Our applications and devices need to adhere to strict compliance requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI.”

We enable transparent and elegant integration of data-first security into your products and applications.

“Ubiq is a proven partner; delivering strong data protection at the fast speeds that our public safety, law enforcement and military teams require.”
Jeffrey Schweitzer, Asymmetrical Solutions Architect, Verizon.

The result: Secured data. Minimized risk. Fewer things to worry about.

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Available on the AWS Marketplace and AWS GovCloud (US)


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