Ubiq Ramen Challenge

Win a Year’s Worth of Ramen
(and a $500 Amazon gift card)!!!

Hello Developers!

We think you can get started on the Ubiq Platform FASTER than it takes to cook up a delicious bowl of ramen, so we want to put it to the test.

We’ve cooked up a time-based challenge, so the person with the fastest time recorded to complete the challenge will a year’s worth of delicious instant ramen and more importantly, fame and glory!

What can I win?


52 x 5 packs of Instant Ramen + Ramen Bucket Hat 
$500 Amazon Gift Card

2nd PLACE!

12 x 5 packs of Instant Ramen
$300 Amazon Gift Card

3rd PLACE!

5 x 5 packs of Instant Ramen
$200 Amazon Gift Card

Community Prize!

Best submitted use case in our Slack Channel
$200 Amazon Gift Card

What’s the Challenge?

We want to see who can record the fastest time between account creation -> to the first encrypt that is made using your own application.

Time from

Registering an Account to

Time from

First Encrypt

We offer fully interoperable client libraries for all major programming languages, enabling interaction with our API layer.
Our extensible API layer interfaces with our client libraries and enables interaction with our SaaS-based encryption platform.
We eliminate the guesswork, jargon, and complexity of cryptography and encryption, through an elegant and simple developer dashboard, powered by scalable cloud-based infrastructure that provides key management and tamper-proof, FIPS 140-2 Level 3-compliant hardware security modules (HSM) for secure key storage.

So, you’re probably wondering, what the heck is the Ubiq platform?

Well, glad you asked. The Ubiq platform is an API-based developer platform that enables developers to quickly build local data encryption into any type application, without requiring any prior encryption knowledge or expertise.

What are all the steps between registering for an account -> encrypting data?
Here yah go!

Register for an account
Log into the Ubiq Dashboard
Register an application
Retrieve a set of API keys
Download a Client Library (specific to your programming language)
Add a few lines of code to your application
Encrypt some data
You’re done!

Challenge Rules

(are not meant to be broken, so please read these)
The challenge will run from Thursday April 29th and close at 6pm PT Tuesday May 28th.
Winners will be notified on Friday May 30th around 4pm PT.
Only enter once i.e., don’t create multiple user accounts.
Do not use a disposable email address such as Mailinator, temp-mail, etc. as these will be immediately disqualified, and that will be no fun!
Participation in this Challenge will assume the acknowledgement of the attached Terms & Conditions.


Check out our Developer Docs
Get familiar with the client library in your chosen programming language
We have 9 programming languages currently available
Check the Ramen Challenge Leaderboard (refreshed daily) to see your ranking!

Win a Year’s Worth of Ramen

See if you can record the fastest time between account creation -> to the first encrypt with your application.
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