The Ubiq Platform

First things first. Let’s get on the same page about what “platform” means.

Platform, noun

plat·​form | \ ˈplat-ˌfȯrm \

Definition of platform: A platform is a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes, or technologies are developed.

We are maniacal about our mission and we engineered a software platform to achieve it.


Enable data-first security, without the drama.

AMT + EDS = Ubiq

Asynchronous Multithreading Technique (AMT)

At the core of our technology, is a patented engineering marvel (at least we like to think it is) that we call Asynchronous Multithreading Technique. AMT for short. 

The radical breakthrough that AMT delivers is the ability to exploit the available compute on a system to perform multiple asynchronous functions concurrently, WITHOUT adversely impacting CPU performance, even on teeny tiny devices. 

Yeah. We know. That seems impossible to do. But it’s true. We solved it. 


Elemental Data Security (EDS)

Besides the smart engineering behind AMT, we developed a patented security model that we call Elemental Data Security, designed to make stolen data useless to the bad guys. We think our approach is pretty unique. It starts with the data. Here’s what we do…

1: Fragment data
We disassemble data into tons of fragments. Ok, by itself that’s not innovative. Keep reading, it gets cooler. We promise.
Disassociate Data
2: Disassociate Data
We disassociate the fragments from each other. Keep reading.
Encrypt Data
3: Encrypt Data
We encrypt EACH fragment with its own unique AES-256 bit encryption key. We’re not done. Keep reading!
Disperse Data
4: Disperse Data
We disperse the encrypted fragments, to one, or a multitude of locations - on-premise, cloud, or hybrid. Boom! Who’s cool now?

By the way, we can do this to any type of data, on any type of storage, without any noticeable latency or CPU impact.


Secure any type of data, on any device, anywhere. Fast, transparent, without impact.

We harnessed AMT to enable the Elemental Data Security model, securely encapsulated these together (kind of like two peas in a pod) and provided an API, libraries, and documentation. This meant that others could use it too – “as a base for  other applications, processes or technologies.”

And there you have it. The Ubiq platform. The first data-first security and privacy platform designed to transparently render stolen data useless.


Our customers and what makes them happy.

Security Dudes

"Gotta secure my company's data, keep compliant AND respect customer privacy!"

Product Owners

"Gotta secure the data on the devices or applications we build!"

Application Engineers

"Gotta secure the data within applications we engineer!"

What we do...

We render stolen data useless.

We secure any type of data, at-rest and in-transit.

We secure data on any type of storage or device.

What you’ll notice...

Ultra-low latency and negligible performance impact.

Entirely transparent to end-users (device or person).

Easy to deploy, integrate, and operate.


We’re obsessed with securing data, no matter where it lives.

Secure data within applications, devices...

...(even teeny tiny ones - hello IoT), or structured databases? Our software development kit might be the right fit.

Learn more about SDK
Secure data on existing “devices...” servers, cloud, unstructured databases, or laptops? Our software application might be the right fit.

Learn more about Trusted File Manager

One vendor. One platform. One big problem solved. You’re welcome.

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