How to Use Ubiq to Keep Data Secure on Remote Employee Systems

We’re offering free Trusted File Manager (TFM) licenses through the end of June 30, 2020 to any company (in the countries below) that has been forced to shift to a work-from-home policy – to increase the level of protection for your organizational data. Personal email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook are not eligible.

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan

We get your first priority is to ensure that all measures are being taken to keep your workers safe, but with the need for rapid response and significant changes to the workplace, it’s also a time where businesses can be caught off guard. As more workers access, exchange and collaborate in their remote/home environments, the potential for sensitive and private data to be exposed is heightened.

To help with this challenge, we are providing our easy-to-install Trusted File Manager software client for Windows or Mac laptops and workstations. This will fully encrypt end user data through our virtual secure drive solution with NO impact to user workflow or system performance, ensuring your company’s data remains secure and private as they work from home.

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What is the TFM product?

A software client that installs on Windows or Mac systems and is managed through a SaaS based WebUI.

What does your solution do?

Creates a virtual secure drive (on the end user system) where users can store any sensitive files or data. All of data in this virtual secure drive are encrypted (using something we call EDS), so that if a bad guy compromises the end user system, he sees garbage data (vs. the real stuff).

What does the overall system architecture look like?

You install endpoint clients on end user laptops and workstations and manage everything through our SaaS-based WebUI. Here’s the high-level architecture:

SaaS Architecture - COVID-19

What is the end user experience like?

Their normal workflow should not change; we operate nearly invisible. Here’s a brief rundown:

  1. End user logs into their laptop or workstation
  2. End user then logs into the Ubiq software with mandatory MFA
    1. A secure virtual drive shows up in their filesystem (just like if you plugged in a USB drive)
  3. End user simply saves/copies/drags-n-drops their files into that drive and the data is automatically encrypted
  4. (Most importantly) the end user interacts with that data quickly using their native applications and workflow
  5. End user logs out of the Ubiq software
    1. The secure virtual drive disappears, as if it never existed (until the end user logs back into the Ubiq software)

How do I get this up and running AKA how much work is this gonna be for my team?

You can be up and running within hours. More importantly there is very little administrative overhead.

  1. Reach out to us here and we’ll get in touch within 72 hours
  2. We’ll spin up a dedicated admin WebUI for your company, send you the credentials, and provide you a link to download the endpoint client software
  3. You log into our WebUI and:
    1. Change your admin password (we will no longer have access)
    2. Configure secure virtual drive storage location(s)
    3. Create users (and groups) and assign drive permissions
  4. Deploy software onto endpoints and advise staff to use new drive

Why is this better than doing nothing or how is this going to slow attackers down?

  • All data in the secured virtual drive is encrypted with its own unique key
  • Two-factor authentication separate to the OS (via ADFS or Okta)
  • Access rights outside of OS privileges
  • You can store the encrypted files outside of the end user laptop (such as a file share or cloud storage)

If you have issues accessing your account or questions about using the Ubiq platform, email


About Ubiq

Ubiq was founded on the belief that data should be private, secure, and efficiently accessible throughout its life cycle, empowering organizations to derive maximum value from their data, while radically mitigating the risk of its theft and compromise.
We enable customers to achieve this through their entirely transparent and multi-patented data-first driven security and privacy platform, that secures data everywhere and enables only authorized system and user access. The lightweight software stack easily integrates into existing applications, IoT devices, or installs onto endpoints and servers - on-premise, on the edge, or in the cloud.
Ubiq has been awarded San Diego Venture Group's Cool Companies of 2019, Enterprise Security Magazine's Top 10 Encryption Vendors of 2019, and The Channel Company's Best Newcomer XCellence Award 2020, and has presence across North America, Asia Pacific, and Japan.

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