FHOOSH, innovators in securing digital data everywhere, is now Ubiq.

San Diego, CA – 12 June, A disruptor in the digital data security space and one of San Diego Venture Group’s “Cool Companies for 2019,” FHOOSH Inc. have launched their new company name, Ubiq Security, Inc., nearly tripled their staff, and moved into a new global headquarters office in San Diego, CA. Ubiq has gained rapid traction in the market with their ability to enable enterprise organizations and application and device manufacturers to manage the highly complex and proliferating problem of securing digital data across a myriad of diverse storage locations and device types.

Ubiq enables organizations to secure any type of data, on any device, anywhere, with a single solution that doesn’t impact performance or user experience. Their 100% software solution equips organizations to drastically reduce the risk of data theft and impact of security breaches, adhere to strict compliance requirements, and uphold customer and employee confidentiality and privacy. Organizations no longer have to contend with the burden and high operating costs of securing their data, and can focus on accelerating innovation, driving greater efficiencies, and delivering an improved customer experience.

“Digital data is growing at a ridiculous rate, fueled by progressive technologies such as 5G, autonomous and connected cars, video analytics, IoT, edge computing, and an always-connected society,” said Wias Issa, CEO. “Whether you’re a CISO securing your organization’s data or a Chief Product Officer attempting to secure data in applications or devices you manufacture, common sense and best practice tells us, “secure the data that matters.” However, instrumenting data security on all types of data, across all of your devices, everywhere, while not impacting system or application performance and user experience, has been virtually impossible.”

“We made it our mission to develop a single solution that proved it was possible, and we achieved that. Our prime focus is on providing always-on data protection that works elegantly and ubiquitously, so the name change to Ubiq is an exciting reveal, with many more exciting announcements to follow this year.”

Ubiq delivers a dynamic combination of simplicity, speed, and security. Their lightweight and scalable software solution is rapidly deployable and connects to cloud and existing infrastructure through elegant integrations. Ubiq’s single solution can be used to secure any type of data imaginable, even livestreaming data and application communications. Ubiq’s multi-patented asynchronous multithreading techniques significantly increase data transmission efficiency, reduce resource overhead, and nearly eliminate latency associated with traditional data security solutions.

About Ubiq

Ubiq was founded on the belief that data should be private, secure, and efficiently accessible throughout its life cycle, empowering organizations to derive maximum value from their data, while radically mitigating the risk of its theft and compromise.
We enable customers to achieve this through their entirely transparent and multi-patented data-first driven security and privacy platform, that secures data everywhere and enables only authorized system and user access. The lightweight software stack easily integrates into existing applications, IoT devices, or installs onto endpoints and servers - on-premise, on the edge, or in the cloud.
Ubiq has been awarded San Diego Venture Group's Cool Companies of 2019, Enterprise Security Magazine's Top 10 Encryption Vendors of 2019, and The Channel Company's Best Newcomer XCellence Award 2020, and has presence across North America, Asia Pacific, and Japan.

For more information, visit www.ubiqsecurity.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.