Secure sensitive IoT data at scale and cost.

Ubiq helps customers protect sensitive data on IoT devices and networks – by enabling them to integrate data encryption directly into the device through rapid, lightweight, and scalable APIs.

How Ubiq can help.

Save time and money

Eliminate the need for costly hardware encryption modules or custom designed encryption and cryptographic solutions, which are burdensome and painful to manage and operate at scale, by using fully scalable software-based APIs. 

Point-to-point encryption

Minimize the risk of sensitive data theft or exposure by encrypting data directly on the IoT device. From the point of inception and capture, until it reaches its intended, secure decryption endpoint, such as an IoT gateway or cloud environment. 

Secure by design

For IoT device manufacturers and IoT solutions providers, eliminate the high cost and risk of developing and deploying custom cryptographic solutions, by integrating lightweight software-based APIs directly into your IoT devices and applications. 

Elegantly manage at scale

Eliminate the high operational overhead of managing encryption policies and controls across millions of devices, by leveraging a centralized and easy-to-use platform, which enables you to make updates in minutes.​  

How we helped a global convenience store chain secure critical IoT infrastructure.


The convenience chain was looking for a highly scalable, easy and quick-to-integrate, and cost-effective solution to encrypt sensitive transaction data on IoT devices deployed across thousands of retail locations.


They worked with Ubiq to integrate lightweight, software-based encryption APIs directly into their existing IoT device infrastructure, ensuring sensitive transactional data remained encrypted throughout its entire lifecycle – from inception to processing and storage. 

Use Case

Secure Data Sharing
IoT Encryption
Application-layer Encryption
Entity-level Encryption


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