Share data more securely with key business partners.

Ubiq helps customers share data more securely, by providing them with fine-grained encryption and decryption controls over shared data. 

How Ubiq can help.

Enable secure data sharing practices.

Reduce the risk that insider threats or external attackers can steal your data, by integrating client-side encryption directly into your applications and granting only those authorized, the ability to decrypt and read shared data.

Apply the principle of least privilege.

Control and monitor which teams, organizations, and 3rd parties can decrypt and access shared data, while also enhancing your Zero Trust security strategy.

Build customer trust.

Build trust, meet ever-changing, global privacy and compliance requirements, by giving your customers the assurance that their data is protected with encryption keys unique to them.

How we helped a leading healthcare provider improve their data sharing practices.


The healthcare provider failed numerous audits due to insecure file sharing practices with 3rd party providers, and was in search for a solution that could easily integrate within their existing application infrastructure.


They integrated Ubiq’s solution into their application infrastructure, giving them the ability to instantly grant and revoke access to data shared with 3rd party processors.

Use Case

Application-layer Encryption
Entity-level Encryption


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