Encrypt data directly inside your applications.

Ubiq helps customers mitigate the risk that sensitive unencrypted data is stolen during a breach or insider threat, by enabling data to be encrypted inside the application, before it’s sent to the network or storage.

How Ubiq can help.

Mitigate the risk of data theft

Reduce the risk that insider threats or external attackers can steal your data by easily disabling (implicitly flawed) cloud, storage, or infrastructure-based encryption solutions, by integrating client-side encryption directly into your applications and encrypting data before it’s sent to storage, so even if admin credentials are compromised, your data remains protected.

Zero Trust model for data

Enhance your Zero Trust security strategy and break your reliance on ineffective cloud, storage, and infrastructure-based encryption tools, that are built upon a flawed implicit central trust model, by integrating data encryption directly into your applications.

Embrace Security-as-Code

Increase your engineering velocity, reduce vulnerabilities, and eliminate downstream security costs, by architecting and developing your applications with native, client-side encryption controls, policies, and standards as part of your SDLC and DevSecOps practices.

How we helped a leading solution services provider improve their security posture.


The MSSP was looking for an application-layer encryption solution for a web application, to ensure the secure transfer and storage of confidential customer data.


They worked with Ubiq to integrate encryption directly into their web application, ensuring that each data element had its own unique encryption key.

Use Case

Application-layer Encryption
Entity-level Encryption


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