Elemental Data Encryption

The Case for Protection From Data Inception


What you will learn in this whitepaper:

Learn how a data-centric approach through elemental data encryption can ensure your sensitive data is in an always-protected state.

  • What are the fundamental problems protecting data today
    How increasingly valuable data is failing to be protected by a highly expensive and complex array of security systems.
  • How data protection for IoT increases risks exponentially
    How billions of sensors transmitting data, data lakes vs. data pools, can’t be protected with vaults.
  • How Elemental Data Protection changes entirely the way in which data is protected
    Instead of focusing on layers of protection around the data, understand how to protect the data itself.
  • Top benefits of Elemental Data Protection over current technologies
    Including faster performance, automatic compliance, and ubiquitous availability.

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About Ubiq Data Security Solutions

Ubiq, the trailblazer in digital data security, has developed a multi-patented, ultra-low latency and low impact software platform that secures any type of data, on any device, anywhere, supporting our vision of a “fast and safe connected world.”

Our extremely lightweight, 100% software stack can be directly integrated into existing applications, IoT devices or installed on laptops and servers to secure critical data. We leverage a proprietary data-first security methodology that renders stolen data useless, when (not if!) it’s stolen by the bad guys or unknowingly compromised.

Ubiq works across public and private sector organizations to ensure all their data is secured in a transparent manner while eliminating the vast amount of management complexity of traditional data security solutions.