Ubiq Security Partner Program Guide

The Need for Data-First Security

Digital transformation is very real and the era of the data-driven enterprise is upon us. Data is proliferating at lightning speed and now lives everywhere – servers, the cloud, endpoints, applications and IoT devices. It is becoming imperative for organizations of every size and shape to use data to drive the business outcomes they desire – insight, innovation, strategic growth and customer experience. But this can only be achieved if the data can be freely leveraged in a secure and compliant way. And without compromise of scale and performance.  In short, data-first enterprises must a adopt a data-first approach to security. Only then can the data be made ubiquitous and safely harnessed to create true strategic advantage for the business.


A Massive Opportunity for the Security Channel.

You have a successful security practice. You are the trusted security advisor to your customers. You understand that data is arguably one of the most valuable assets your customers own. And you understand that in order to truly protect that data, you must do more than just add another layer to their perimeter security. You must protect the data itself.

Ubiq is real data-first security. With Ubiq you will enable your customers to secure any type of data, on any device, in any domain. Fast, transparent, and without impact to performance and user experience.

Ubiq’s extremely lightweight, 100% software solution can be installed on laptops and servers or directly integrated into existing applications and IoT devices to secure critical data. We leverage a proprietary, patented data-centric security methodology that renders stolen data useless, when (not if!) it’s stolen by the bad guys or unknowingly compromised.


The Ubiq Security Partner Program

Ubiq strives to a deliver a partner program experience that is straightforward, consistent and focuses on the elements that will help you add incremental value to your practice. Our program is designed around a three-tier system, each with its own requirements and benefits, allowing partners to progress from their entry level Authorized status to Gold and Platinum as they achieve success with Ubiq Security solutions.


Program Tiers and Requirements Overview:

Authorized Gold Platinum
  Authorized Gold Platinum
Approved Application
Click-to-Accept Agreement
Annual Revenue Commitment
Sales Training 🔖 🔖🔖 🔖🔖🔖
Technical Training 🔖 🔖🔖 🔖🔖🔖
Marketing Plan   🎯 🎯

Program Tier Benefits

With success, partners progress through the Program tiers and unlock incremental benefits. Ubiq will conduct quarterly reviews to ensure Partners are rewarded for success and have access to the new tier which they have earned.

Authorized Gold Platinum
  Authorized Gold Platinum
Use of Partner Program tier logo
Access to Partner Content (current)
Access to Partner Portal (future)
Access to all sales and technical training
Tier Level Discount from Ubiq
Participation in Deal Registration (future)
Support from Ubiq Partner Success Manager
Ubiq Leads
Participation in rebate program (future)  
NFR Program
Invitation to Partner Advisory Council  

A Program Built Solidly on Partnering Principles:

  1. Ubiq is deliberately dependent on our partners for our go-to-market strategy. As a new company, we made the decision to launch with a channel-first, partner-centric model that influences every element of our company. And we seek like-minded partners who share a passion for protecting their customers with data-centric security.
  2. We focus on accelerating mutual growth and profitability. With a massive potential to disrupt the data security markets with Ubiq’s data-first security solution, we want to ensure that you are rewarded for the value you add.
  3. We will continually invest in partner training, programs, tools and systems to help you build your Ubiq practice as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  4. Ubiq will always partner with integrity, honesty and respect for your value add.


Seize the Opportunity

Partnering DNA runs deep in Ubiq. Our entire team has decades of collective experience building security channels, supporting partners and working to drive mutual successful outcomes.

We believe the mission to protect any data, anywhere, with a data-first approach to security is critical at this time. And we believe this market is primed for disruption and innovation to protect not just the systems that house it – but what really matters – the data itself.

The new business opportunity for Partners who share this vision is real and imminent. If you want to monetize your security practice in new and valuable ways, come join us!


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