FHOOSH Accelerator Kits Help Deploy Super-Fast Encryption Tech Even Faster

Security company Fhoosh launched several Accelerator Kits, each targeting specific environments such as cloud and on-premises data centers to help companies securely transmit and store data in these different environments.

The kits provide a way for businesses to jumpstart security programs using Fhoosh software and comply with regulatory requirements, said founder and CEO Eric Tobias.

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RCR Wireless News: Verizon adopts FHOOSH cybersecurity for SDP service

Cybersecurity software company Fhoosh announced it is collaborating with Verizon to boost the company’s Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) service with fast end-to-end data protection.

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SDxCentral: Verizon Software-Defined Perimeter Adds Fhoosh Security Technology

Verizon‘s software-defined perimeter (SDP) will soon include Fhoosh security technology. The security software company today announced a strategic alliance with Verizon Enterprise Solutions that will see Fhoosh built into Verizon SDP.

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San Diego Business Journal: Need for Encryption Speed Brings Cybersecurity Firm $2M






Local cybersecurity startup FHOOSH has raised $2 million in a venture round led by Miami-based investment group Volta Global.

FHOOSH, founded in 2012 in San Diego, is building an encryption platform that can scramble data up to 15 times faster than current technologies. The idea is to provide data security without compromising speed.

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San Diego Union-Tribune: San Diego cyber startup Fhoosh raises $2 million


San Diego cybersecurity startup Fhoosh said Thursday it has raised $2 million in venture funding led by Volta Global, a Miami-based investment group.

Fhoosh is building an encryption platform to scramble data faster than current technologies. It will use the money to hire engineers and fund pilot projects to get its software to market.

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San Diego Union-Tribune: A Snapshot of San Diego’s Cyber Landscape


Founded in 2012, Fhoosh aims to make encryption mainstream. So even if a data breach occurs, the hackers get “data dust not data diamonds.”

While encryption is used for payments, digital health records and myriad other activities, it has some drawbacks, said Eric Tobias, chief executive and co-founder of Fhoosh.

One is speed. It can slow down a network, which can be a problem as more data moves to the Internet cloud. It also isn’t foolproof. Even encrypted data can be stolen if hackers also gain access to the keys to unscramble it.
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Innovation e-News


A founder of the Cyber Security Institute of San Diego and former Cubic Defense Systems President and CEO Bruce Roberts has joined the advisory board of cybersecurity software firm FHOOSH, Inc. Roberts brings his 50 years of cybersecurity, defense and innovation expertise to help launch and scale the company.

San Diego Daily Transcript: Cool Company breaks your data for safe storage


San Diego has no dearth of cybersecurity firms. There are so many, in fact, that the industry create a Cyber Center of Excellence to advocate for, assist and help grow these firms and the region’s reputation as a hub for the industry.
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San Diego Union-Tribune: San Diego seeks to boost profile with venture capitalists


SD Venture Group brings out-of-town VCs to meet with local firms. For San Diego startups, access to venture capital has long been a sore subject.
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EvoNexus: San Diego Venture Group selects FHOOSH as a Cool Company


Cybersecurity software development firm FHOOSH, Inc. has been chosen as a “Cool Company” by the San Diego Venture Group (SDVG) for a second year. One of 31 Cool Companies selected this year from over 160 applicants, FHOOSH continues to represent the leading edge of San Diego-area tech innovation.
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