Encryption, simplified.

Our mission is to enable developers to easily and quickly integrate encryption directly into their applications - without requiring any prior encryption knowledge or expertise.

  • # frozen_string_literal: true
  • require 'ubiq-security'
  • include Ubiq
  • credentials = ConfigCredentials.new(config_file = nil, profile = nil).get_attributes
  • input_file =
  • output_file =
  • file_in = File.open(input_file, )
  • file_out = File.open(output_file, )
  • data = file_in.read
  • file_out.write( data)
  • file_in.close()
  • file_out.close()

Eliminating unnecessary complexity.

For decades, organizations have relied on archaic, complicated, and kludgy security tools or DIY encryption approaches to encrypt sensitive data, resulting in limited application of data encryption across their sensitive data.

At Ubiq, we're obsessed with eliminating the complexity and messiness of encryption for software developers and information security teams.

Removing the barriers to encryption enables broader adoption, saves developer time and eliminates downstream security costs, allowing organizations to reduce risk and focus their time and resources on growing their business.

Leadership Team

  • Hwei-Oh

    Hwei Oh

  • UBI - Regan Lohman Portrait-2

    Regan Lohman

  • Eric Tobias

    Eric Tobias

    CTO and Co-founder
  • Wias-Issa

    Wias Issa


Our Investors


Ubiq is headquartered in San Diego and Tokyo (our APJ headquarters), with teams in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more.