FHOOSH Showcases Fastest IoT AES256 Security Solution For Streaming Hi-Def Video at Verizon Emergency Responder Event

Secure Video Demonstrations During Operation Convergent Response To Include Tactical K9s and Robots

SAN DIEGO and PERRY, Ga. — June 7, 2017FHOOSH, Inc., a leader in high-speed cybersecurity software, today announced that it has been selected to demonstrate its advanced, Internet of Things (IoT) data protection solutions applied to streaming secure video at Verizon’s invitation-only event, Operation Convergent Response, being held for VIP customers at The Guardian Centers on June 7–8.

Verizon tapped FHOOSH to participate in the unique crisis response technology event to provide the fastest data protection in simulated emergency scenarios. The FHOOSH team of cyber security experts will install the company’s software to safeguard video data captured from IoT sensor devices mounted on tactical K9s and robots, then securely stream that high-definition video in real-time to the command and control center for the first responders taking part in the simulations.

Verizon’s Innovation Architect Jeff Schweitzer masterminded the Operation Convergent Response event to demonstrate how innovative technologies can aid emergency incident team efforts. Verizon’s technology portfolio and partner solutions will support agencies in real-time exercises designed to improve incident response effectiveness in the chaos created by a host of natural and man-made threats.

“FHOOSH combines highly resilient data protection with extremely fast transmission speeds,” said Schweitzer. “The FHOOSH solution enables us to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible with Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) and in emergency response situations. In all of these cases, both strong protection and ultra-fast speed are critical and FHOOSH delivers on both.”

At Operation Convergent Response, FHOOSH is advancing the video streaming state of the art by moving beyond standard secure tunnel transmissions to provide extremely fast, continuously encrypted high-definition data. FHOOSH is applying its core Security Engine which fragments, disassociates, separately encrypts, and then disperses data to deliver protection upon capture at an IoT endpoint through high-speed transmission for viewing. This is just one example of how the FHOOSH cybersecurity platform complements Verizon SDP protections and extends them from the edge to the core or the cloud. It also exemplifies how FHOOSH solves the data protection challenges that organizations, governments, and “smart” cities face as sensors, actuators, and other IoT devices—many of which were not built with security in mind—proliferate into the billions and trillions.

“Jeff and his team have created an incredible, one-of-a-kind event to lay out and coordinate incident responses using today’s most innovative products,” said FHOOSH Co-founder and CEO Eric Tobias. “We are excited that Verizon has invited us to show off our new security platform as part of these exercises. Our software solution has a small footprint and operates in real-time from IoT sensor-equipped tactical robots and K9s to secure video streaming so responders get practice saving lives at this event.”

For more information about FHOOSH, its cybersecurity platform, and secure IoT and cloud solution capabilities, contact Co-founder and President Linda Eigner: linda@fhoosh.com, 858-357-3300.


San Diego-based FHOOSH, Inc. (fhoosh.com) develops high-speed cybersecurity software that protects data from inception, in transit, and at rest at speeds certified up to eight times faster than handling unprotected data. FHOOSH delivers on the promise of “Faster Data, More Secure” using patented protection technology that fragments, disassociates, separately encrypts, and then disperses data upon capture from the edge to the cloud. FHOOSH enables stronger data protection with faster performance, built-in threat detection, rapid recovery from ransomware attacks and “always-on” compliance. With FHOOSH, security is built in from architecture to implementation, and an unauthorized access to your systems or network nets only data “dust,” not data diamonds. FHOOSH software easily integrates with both legacy and new technologies, and is the right option to secure data in any cloud, IoT or enterprise environment.

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